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Membrane Technology

This technology is used for solvent, alcohols, aromas and fragrances separation and purification. The membranes are tailor made designed and can operate as an independent unit operation in the process or as a hybrid system combined with thermal separation (evaporation or distillation). Zean can provide 2 different technologies: pervaporation or vapor permeation.

The manufacturer of these membranes is our partner, Pervatech BV.

Main advantages are: rectification zean
  • Breaking of azeotropes without using entrainers or pressure swing distillation.
  • Less thermal degradation of heat sensitive products
  • Low operating cost.
  • Low maintenance cost due to static operation.
  • No loss of components.

Application examples: Ethanol and IPA purification, (above 99% purity). THF and Acetonitrile purification, aromas winning or elimination.

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